Omonia Video follows the musical work Omonia from its beginning to its end.


The work, made by the siblings Line and Thomas Gøttsche Dyrholm, is a documentation of a summer sunset in the area of Dollerup Bakker in Jutland.


The eye of the camera is gazing at this same scenery for every one Omonia’s 28 minutes.


Via this slow lingering approach, the video should allure its viewer's own inner landscapes to flourish.


So, during the video, the viewer might undergo a change, just as the landscape is.


Or it might be that something unexpected happens inside, just as it does around the middle of the video.


In any event, after Omonia Video's 28 minutes, this the scenery in Dollerup Bakker has changed, and yet still it's the same.


So, the video is a visual variation of the musical work’s interest for repetition, transition and variation in landscapes and mindscapes.