“Omonia (27 min)” is an interpretation of some of the structural and thematic threads of the music piece Omonia.

Inspired by the composition’s experiments with cyclic movements, and expansive treetop-like structures, the video

takes place in a Danish landscape, seizing a small section of one of the many cycles of nature. 

During 27 minutes we see the slow transition from day to night. It’s not easy to determine the exact point where the change unfolds. 

Hanging in a vibrating flux moment, the landscape underneath is accurately the same; yet it seems different because

of the context’s continuous alteration. 

The video presents a new branch of the music piece’s study of harmonic and lyrical variation, and it’s research of contextualization, foggy transitions, and a type of narration which is more mind-like than it’s rational. 

"Omonia (27 min)" is nearly organic. It is produced by the natural resources of time, coincidence, family power and

local Danish nature. Directed by Thomas and Line Gøtttsche Dyrholm. Watch