Berlin, 09.10.2020

Hello from Kreuzberg

After a beautiful summer of album composition only, I'll for a moment jump into performance mode again this coming Sunday. 

Together with 29 friends from US and Europe, I'll perform Michael Pisaro's An Unryhmed Chord. 

Please join us at

For now,


Berlin, 28.08.2020

Berlin, 28.08.2020

Hi there!

Welcome to my freshly updated site. I am currently working on my coming album release from my home in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Enjoying this work, I'm also full of expectations to present this new music to the public. Til then, I've collected a selection of photos and video links from the recent two years' activities (underneath). 

Besides working on the new album release, two film projects are also boiling these weeks. One is an audio-visual project with the Iranian prize-winning film director Farhad Delaram; another is the recording of film music for an new animation project by the Danish director Heine Kaarsberg.

I'm looking forward to continuing my updates here - on these collaborations as well as my solo music's progressions. Til the next post, please feel free to visit my Instagram where I will be posting news on a weekly basis. 


In May I appeared in a live performance at the online performance space Aejaa. The performance was a series of re-worked pop songs from my catalogue of inspiration sources during the creation of my next release. For video, click here




                                                                                                 Live photo from the Berlin home of artist and researcher Jacob Eriksen

In May too, a 10 seconds-composition made during lockdown was featured on the compilation ATTN:SPAN. Listen here

In February, I performed at the Berlin gallery Circle 1. The performance was a selection of pieces from my 2016 album, Omonia


                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo credit Shai Levy

August 2019, Omonia performance in New York



                                                                                                                        Photo credit Jordan Dykstra

Residency at Accademia di Danimarca in Rome in October 2018. During a month, I studied Italian film music in relation to 

the country's language and architecture.

Photo credit Accademia di Danimarca                                              Photo credit Anita Viola

Paris, Maison Daniose, September 2018. Live videos from Paris here and here

Photo credit Jonathan Arnoult

Sankt Lucas Kirke, Aarhus Denmark, September 2018

Photo credit Thomas Dyrholm

Photo credit Thomas Dyrholm